About Us

Bradford Installations is a small business that is BIG on quality. "We believe people are looking for quality in both the product and the workmanhip. "Quality is a combination of using proven products and installing them so as to bring out a home's character in a pleasing and satisfying way for the customer. A great asset of our renovation work is the personal touch. This involves a craftsmanship that has been developed since 1980. We are not satisfied with just installing windows, siding, roofing, or whatever the job calls for - we want to do an exceptional job. As a renovation business, we have the opportunity to take an older home, or a dull home and make it sparkle with a "new* look. "Our greatest satisfaction is to know that our customer will become a sales person for us. Referrals are commonplace for us. We must be doing something right.

Bradford Installations has tried to keep up with the renovation trends. They have specialty trims, light fixture mounts, and octagon and half moon vents to enhance siding. They also have regular asphalt shingles, "steel tile roofing,' brick sid­ing, vinyl siding, and they have devel­oped an aluminum brick mould for soffit, facia and eavestrough jobs, and mitre their own eavestrough corners. "I have come to realize the "good name' is really the one I represent. As a Christian businessman, I represent Jesus Christ. If I mess up, it is His name that gets dragged in the mud, not only mine. So for him, I am very care­ful to honour Him by doing my work as unto the Lord. Don welcomes everyone to visit and see if he can help with your renovation plans.